Just a quick post on a deal that’s got a few days left to go. The deal ends 4/30 so you have a little time to get in on it.

Until the 30th, purchase 2 Vanilla Visa products and earn 800 Plenti points.  ($8).  Valid up to 2x on each Plenti account:

Vanilla Visa 800 Plenti

The best way to max out this deal is to do 4x$500 cards, and scale up with multiple Plenti accounts.  In January I started amassing phone numbers; and have a nice little pool of about 20 lines that I can use for whatever I see fit.  Signing up for Plenti accounts with these numbers wasn’t on my radar; but it is now.

A Word on Phone Numbers

Multiple phone numbers are very useful; deals can be text based and limited to 1 per number. While this isn’t exactly a time when you *need* multiple phone numbers you should consider having access to multiple numbers, and building up a stash of them.

– Written by Sam Simon. All ideas are my own, but I encourage you to see my point of view and I promise I’ll try to do the same. Connect with me on Twitter @Milenomics.

11 thoughts on “Quick Deal: $16 in Plenti Points When You Buy 4 Vanilla Visa at Rite-Aid

    • Clint: You probably already have one, maybe 2 with a spouse. You might also have access to some via Google Voice. For each Gmail account you have you could grab another 1 to X numbers there (sometimes GV numbers do not work for promotional texts, so they are not ideal). Moving to even weirder services, a company called ringplus offers free service for old sprint phones. I bought a lot of a dozen old flip phones on ebay for $20 and hooked them up months ago, they’ve more than paid for themselves since.

    • When You Buy. I thought it was a really well known acronym…it could be something I made up in my head. I’ll clarify with full words. Thanks.

    • Henry: I’ll figure out how to keep certain posts off of saverocity’s main page. Featuring Milenomics on Saverocity is relatively new. I appreciate the feedback.

  1. So what do you do with these Vanilla GCs nowadays? Rite-Aid recently killed debit reloading, and with no Serve, I’m out of ideas. MOs? But not at WM since they don’t do Vanillas. Thanks

  2. There is an app called Burner that gives unlimited, albeit paid numbers you can use with messaging.

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