Points & Miles Hopes and Fears for 2018

  Sam here: New year, new things afoot at Milenomics. I’d like to introduce Robert who will be contributing here on the blog.  Robert and I have had plenty of discussions about travel, points, miles and the misconceptions out there. Both of us want to bring to light things that aren’t getting enough discussion. He’s […]

Predictions for 2018 — Crystal Ball Edition

*testing, testing* 1, 2, 3. Is this thing on? Hello, Hello. Happy new year to all.  I’m dusting things off a bit here and wanted to start the year with a post about my views on 2018.  I’ll be looking into my crystal ball here, so plenty of what I say might end up not […]

Miles Are Dead!

Programming note: I’ve been gone for a little longer than expected. Thank you to those who’ve dropped notes to me and messages checking to make sure I still have a pulse. Miles Are Dead (You Heard it Here First) I think it is important that you (the new reader) understand the bias I (the old […]