How to Find Boutique and Family Friendly Hotels

Note: If you haven’t listed to the Saverocity Observation Deck podcast #78 you might want to before reading this post. A good friend is headed to Italy with his wife and son in a few months and asked me for a recommendation for a hotel. The place I stayed at the last time I was in […]

Tips/Tricks: Hotels With An Infant

Today’s the second Family Travel Tips/Tricks post here on Milenomics.  I’m writing this series for new parents who want to keep traveling with their new Little Ones (LOs). When my wife and I decided to keep traveling with our LO we did as much research as possible, but there’s no way to account for everything. […]

Using Priceline to Save Money on Hotels

I’m late in looking for a hotel for my upcoming trip to Orlando, so I thought I’d share some of my searches with you, and in doing so give you some Priceline tips/tricks. The Basics of Priceline The basics of Priceline (PL) have been around so long we’re all familiar with them; you “bid” for […]

Cheap Las Vegas Hotel Rooms: A One-Trick Pony

A few days ago I wrote a lot about Milenomics and hotel bookings.  Included in that post were how hotel best rate guarantees, and booking site best rate guarantees are both competing for the lowest hotel prices. Tips like the one below are why I rarely collect Hotel points.  Today I share a very specific […]