Immediately Extend the Expiration Date of AA Miles (For Free)

United and American Airlines are the two major U.S. carriers still clinging to archaic mileage expiration policies.  4 years ago I covered a way to stop United miles from expiring. Today we’ll extend those same ideas to American Airlines and keep your AA miles from expiring. Leveraging Airline 24 Hour Cancellation Policies I’m a big fan […]

Floors and Ceilings and Spreads (Oh My!)

  This post was originally titled “Wells Fargo, You’ve Ruined Us All.” The reason being is that for a time Wells Fargo created a program SO good, so easily manipulated, and so valuable, that it actually created its own economy around it. — Robert’s been tearing it up here on Milenomics, with one excellent post after […]

Let’s Talk about Tax, Baby

Note: I’m not a tax professional. I have no education in tax law. I’m not giving explicit advice. Do not do what I say, or what I do, or what I say I do. — Nothing super sexy about today’s post, but it is one I’ve been batting around in my head for quite some […]

American Express Dropping the Hammer–Blue Cash 5% Cards Closed Being Closed Today

Very interesting developments happening today. Without notice American Express seems to have started closing accounts of people who have the old Blue Cash 5% card. In an unprecedented manner they seem to  be emailing affected cardmemebers to tell them their cards have been cancelled. The text of the email is as follows: We are contacting […]