Episode 12: The Lemoney Saga Continues, $100 Fidelity 2% Card Bonus, Staples $200 Fee Free Cards & Chase Southwest Card Deal/Not a Deal Discussion

We’ve got a jam packed No Annual Fee version of the Milenomics² Podcast this week. 0:36 Lemoney follow-up (link) Post seemed to trigger tracking of community commision for Feb-June 2018 But subsequent PayPal payments are now said to be held up for a week or two What’s with this company? 2:38 $30 off $60 at […]

Bonus Podcast: 5 Tenets of Milenomics

It’s been almost a year since I joined with Sam to reboot Milenomics. It’s been my pleasure working alongside him on the site. The series that’s been the most enjoyable to write (and hopefully read) has been our Shop Talk posts. The idea of a “podcast on paper” enables asynchronous conversation. Few things in this space are […]