An Important Note About Patreon Podcast Subscriptions

Note: Robert and I covered the following on an episode of the Patron-Only podcast last month.  We’re reporting it here for anyone who might have missed it there, and for general consumption as well.  One of the most major shifts around here on Milenomics has been the introduction last year of the Podcasts.  Not only has […]

Episode 31: The Hotel Status Loyalty Trap

0:42 Bank of America $300 Personal Checking Bonus (HT DoC) Requires $4,000 Direct Deposit in 3 months You need to have a checking account with BofA to quality for their Preferred Rewards program (which provides up to 75% uplift for spending on certain personal BofA credit cards) 1:30 Banco Popular Avianca Vuela Visa 60,000 Offer […]

Episode 27: Six Credit Cards You Should Never Cancel

We’re back with news, and a discussion around credit cards you should never close.  Share your ‘must keep’ cards in the comments below, and enjoy! 0:33 25% Transfer Bonus from Citi (others, but not Amex) (link MilesTalk) One of those wonky ones where they bump the points on the receiving end Strange, and a bit of […]