Free Domestic Flights; When and Where to Exploit the Double Down

Sam here: Today’s post is guest written by the pointster, who writes the Canadian Blog  (Formerly is a resource for Canadian credit cards and travel perks.  The pointster has graciously offered to outline a solid booking technique here on Milenomics for both American and Canadian Readers, a little something I like to call the Double […]

A Trap Has Been Set, and Your Elite Status is the Bait

Note:#401 level travelers, especially those who’s employers pay for their flights should consider themselves exempt from these posts.   We’ve covered it here before, but Standard Airline Elite status really isn’t worth much to Milenomics.  In September I introduced our Be Your Own Elite Program here (BYOE), and I’ll be posting ideas as the months […]

Chase Gift Cards Debriefing

If you were living under a pretty large boulder for the last 5 months you might have missed that from April until last weekend Chase was selling gift cards with no fee, up to $2600 worth per card, per 30 days. One thing I like to do is after offers have ended look back on […]

Milenomics International Travel: an Overview

I hope yesterday’s post on the Importance of International Travel has persuaded you to become an international traveler.  Now all you need to do is get there. Milenomics will spend this next week on international travel, with this post being an overview of sorts before more specialized posts start up. By far international travel is much more […]

An introduction to Milenomics

Milenomics is: The study of points and miles.  A key component of Milenomics is going to be knowing both your travel needs and your limitations. An example of travel needs: Too tall to comfortably fly coach (or injury/age concerns) Need to be in XYZ on exactly Jan 15, 2015. The opposite of the above: I have to […]