Some Small Blog Updates

This post is totally unrelated to normal Milenomics posts–but is here to let you know some things are being worked on for the blog.   I launched the blog without any wordpress experience, so I’ve spent time learning just how to post, and insert images and videos, etc. This is a learning experience for me, that’s for sure.  I do want to thank you all for putting up with the small changes I keep making, tweaking pages here and there.

Something Old, Something New

The first thing to discuss is that I’ve set up an RSS feed so you can follow the blog on an RSS reader.  This should be updated whenever a new post comes up.  Of course you can always follow me on twitter, and you can subscribe to the blog via email in the right hand sidebar of any page.

Secondly there’s no other way to put it–but the archive feature of the blog leaves a lot to be desired.  As the blog is worked on to make it more user friendly I hope ultimately have the ability to view all posts directly on the main page so you can browse easier without having to load a dozen full posts.

For now the best way to read prior posts is through the archive links I’ve just added at the bottom of every page:

Shown here are the buttons to navigate old posts. Also on the right are the links for the rss feeds.

I’ve changed them from a dropdown to this list because only the first 10 articles were loading, and a “next page” link was not showing correctly.  For now this is the best I can do to alleviate this issue. For the short term this fixes the issue with getting to older posts.  I’m working on a more long term solution, and as soon as it is ready I’ll replace those buttons with it.

The best way to read Milenomics is from back to front…so start with August page one, and work your way backwards, September Page 3, 2, 1, October 2, 1.  Again, I’m trying to make the navigation better– and I appreciate your patience with this.

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