Best Brokerage Bonuses for December 2018

I like to take a look at where our investement accounts are held each year around this time. Sometimes you can earn a nice bonus for transferring funds in-kind (without realizing tax consequences) by switching brokerages. Here’s a list of the best bonuses I see at each dollar level at the moment. Some of these […]

Estimate Your Personal Breakage Rate

“Sam, the funniest thing happened, I was cleaning my car and I found an old unopened $500 VGC. Hilarious, right?” No. Not hilarious. Or maybe you’ve cleaned out a drawer and found a Money Order at the bottom. “Did I ever deposit this? I must have mobile deposited it.” What if you didn’t? Enter, Breakage […]

Floors and Ceilings and Spreads (Oh My!)

  This post was originally titled “Wells Fargo, You’ve Ruined Us All.” The reason being is that for a time Wells Fargo created a program SO good, so easily manipulated, and so valuable, that it actually created its own economy around it. — Robert’s been tearing it up here on Milenomics, with one excellent post after […]