Lemoney.com Deal Debriefing

Update 4/23: There is an updated review of Lemoney here. Please be sure to read it. Today we’re renewing an old series here on Milenomics; The Deal Debriefing.  I’m a big believer that discussing deals after the fact is a great way to learn from each other in a non-confrontational way. The deal below (unlimited turbo […]

In Memoriam: Amazon Payments

Today the lights on Milenomics have been dimmed in honor of Amazon Payments leaving us.  What follows is a Eulogy/Debriefing for her: My friends, it is truly sad that we come together this day to remember our dear friend, Amazon Paments.  Many of you might have expected me to give this eulogy sooner. Part of me […]

Safeway And Albertsons Gift Card Deal Debriefing

As we’ve done in the past here on Milenomics, today we’re debriefing the recent Gift card deals at Safeway and Albertsons. Because both ended on 12/3 I decided to lump the debrief together into this one post.  If you reply, include a “S:” or “A:” in your reply so we’ll know which promotion you’re talking about. […]

Quick Analysis of United’s Recent Devaluation Announcement

Both Will Run For Miles and Frugal Travel Lawyer wrote today about United’s recent devaluation.  If you haven’t heard yet–it is pretty bad for Business/First travelers.  I wouldn’t just call it a devaluation as much as a shift in how United Mileage Plus works as a program.  You’re now looking at two tiers for premium cabins–one […]