Introducing, The Manifesto With the Free-quent Flyer [New Podcast]

A quick programming note here–we’ve expanded our offerings for our Milenomics Podcast Network Patrons to include a third show. Today we’re extremely proud to announce: The Manifesto, hosted by Gideon the Free-quent Flyer.  The Manifesto is FQF’s take on points, miles and everything else.  He’s got a little more about it over on his site, so be sure to head over there and check out his announcement as well.

On this first episode I join FQF for a chat about the current restrictions in place and whether it is ethical right now to manufacture spend at grocery and other stores. We also chat 3rd party gift cards and much more.

Special thanks to Gideon for putting this podcast together and joining us on the Milenomics Podcast Network!

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