Episode 1: When to Book Through Chase vs Transfer 1:1, Hyatt 40,000, Chase Expedia, Airline Portal Bonus – Milenomics² Podcast No Annual Fee Edition

It’s launch week here on the Milenomics² podcast! We’re out of our beta 0.X shows and into Episode 1 today.

On today’s show we discuss:

  • 0:37 Hyatt makes us cringe with rumblings about a 40,000 point/nt Category 8 hotel. Check the Small Luxury Hotels list for potential bookings moving forward.
  • 1:45 Chase rolls out the Expedia search engine across all cards but things like Vacation Rentals are all Sold Out
  • 3:02 Airline portal holiday shopping bonuses (and how to maximize them)
  • 4:20 Reader Question: Net it out for me really quickly. When should I transfer URs to partners vs redeem through the Chase portal?

In this week’s Premium (subscription required) version of the podcast we discuss a Crash Course in Grocery Store Manufactured Spend:



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