The Basics of Frequent Flyer Miles

The most common excuse I hear from people why they don’t want to get started collecting miles is that they think it is too much trouble.  The second most common excuse I hear is that miles are impossible to use.  Milenomics takes both of those ideas and throws them out the window.

Miles Are Too Much Trouble:

I’ve generated over $10,000 (at 1.5CPM) worth of miles this year alone.   Sure there were costs involved in doing that, mostly my time.  Miles are a hobby for most people, can you name another hobby that is cash flow positive?

Miles Are Too Hard To Use:

One of my very first posts was titled “Why are frequent flyer miles so hard to use?” The truth is that the miles aren’t hard to use; you call or click, and a ticket is issued.  The question people are really asking me is “Why can’t I use my miles for a specific seat on a specific flight?”  That’s a different question.

Miles aren’t hard to use. We are hard to use. We are inflexible.  FF Miles should really be called Flexible Flyer Miles. You need flexibility; in time, destination or class of travel, to make them really work for you.

How Can You Earn Miles?

Historically this was done by flying on paid tickets(Expensive).  The Credit Card world has changed that significantly. We are now able to buy things (GC, VR, etc.) that are then washable back into cash (Cheaper), and of course by signups for credit card bonuses (Nearly free).

If you Don’t want to jump in fully, but you already have a Chase Freedom Card you can get started.  You can earn tons of UR points with it, and those can eventually turn into United Miles. Study the United award chart, pick where you are and where you want to go, and start collecting UR miles for that trip.  When you get close to the total miles you’ll need, open a CSP and transfer the UR points over to United.  The ease of it all will make you rethink FF Miles.

Don’t Quit Before You Even Get Started.

 What is the Goal of Milenomics?

To rethink travel. To save money and miles on our trips. You’ll want to read up on some of the posts here, and if you have any questions let me know, I’m Sam…and I’m a #Milenomic.


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