Quad Band World Phone Winner Announced…

A quick thank you to all of those who entered to win  the quad band Samsung A157V.  With 59 entries you all had a very good chance of winning.  Before I announce the winner I’d like to first build some suspense, and display this photo–the first known image of this phone. I believe this phone is ancient, and it predates most, of human history:

monolith copy
Could the Monolith actually have been an ancient Samsun A157? Recently unearthed photographic evidence supports this theory.

And now for the winner: There were 59 entries, and many, many wonderful tips and tricks on how to use phones overseas, and how to stay connected.  I’m going to try to merge the tips with the post on Staying Connected overseas, because there really are some gems in there.  Thank you everyone for all the tips.

The winner, chosen at random, and double checked, was post #22:


Comment #22 belonged to Milenomics Reader Elaine, who wrote:

“I would love to win this phone and if I don’t, I’ll have to buy one!

It is even uglier than the old Samsung I kept specifically for traveling. Sadly it has finally gone on the fritz, six or seven years after I first got it. I was hoping to find another old one at a garage sale or perhaps by asking my Facebook friends if anyone had an old quad-band phone in a drawer.

I didn’t realize you could still buy such a stripped down model. Thanks for the info and the contest!”

Congratulations Elaine! I’ll be in contact with you to mail the phone out to you.

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  1. Wow! My lucky day! Greetings from Seattle where we are about to visit the new Museum of History and Industry, which explores the development of life in Seattle. The first inhabitants, the explorers, living off the land and the water, Boeing, Amazon, Starbucks, Microsoft – it is all here.

    I am delighted to be the winner and thank you, Milenomics, as well as all the folks who posted so many great suggestions for staying connected abroad!

    Thanks so much and happy weekend!

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