Episode 12: The Lemoney Saga Continues, $100 Fidelity 2% Card Bonus, Staples $200 Fee Free Cards & Chase Southwest Card Deal/Not a Deal Discussion

We’ve got a jam packed No Annual Fee version of the Milenomics² Podcast this week.

0:36 Lemoney follow-up (link)

  • Post seemed to trigger tracking of community commision for Feb-June 2018
  • But subsequent PayPal payments are now said to be held up for a week or two
  • What’s with this company?

2:38 $30 off $60 at Amazon for using 1 Amex Membership Reward point (link)

  • Works on 3rd party GCs

3:27 $100 Signup Bonus for the Fidelity 2% Cashback Card (link)

4:40 Fee-free $200 Visa GCs at Staples (link)

  • 1/13-1/19/2019

5:10 New Chase Southwest Card Offers Easy Path to Companion Pass (link)

  • Sign up for personal card, spend $4k, get 30,000 points +
  • Companion Pass through 12/31/2019
  • Deal or Not a Deal?

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