Episode 24: Online 1% Billpay w/Credit Card, Loyalty Partnerships, and New Discover 5% Categories

Some lucrative promos and heightened offers this week…

0:33 [Widely Targeted, check email associated with existing account] Plastiq 1% Mastercard CC Payments on Plastiq

  • Schedule up to 3 x $2,000 payments
  • By May 31, 2019
  • 1% fee (rather than 2.5%)

1:52 BofA Alaska Personal 40,000 + $100 Statement Credit

  • Direct link
  • Source
  • $75 annual fee (not waived the first year)
  • $2,000 min spend
  • “This card will not be available to you if you currently have or have had the card in the preceding 24 month period. This does not apply to the business credit card product.”

2:53 Hilton/Lyft Partnership

4:02 AA/Hyatt Reciprocal Earning/Status Fast Track now ready for linking (source)

  • Reciprocal point earning
  • AA Concierge Key gets Hyatt Globalist
  • Hyatt elites get AA fast track status challenges
  • As a Hyatt Globalist [with no AA status] I got “free” Platinum for 3 months + status challenge
  • Direct link to link
  • After linking go here in your AA account to see what you got

5:56 New Discover 5% Categories Added

  • Q3 PayPal Added (in addition to Restaurants)
  • Q4 Target & WalMart.com added (in additional to Amazon)

6:57 3x Fuel Rewards on Visa Gift Cards at Stop & Shop

  • 5/17-5/23/2019

7:30 Movie Puzzler

Like what you heard in the No Annual Fee version? This is just the tip of the iceberg.

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On this week’s subscriber podcast:

  • A streetwear reselling experiment
  • Rehabbing a bad Citicard portfolio
  • A crash course in gift card reselling

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    1. Had a good laugh at this comment. Oof…when I’m wrong about a movie I’m really wrong.

      Apologies to Chris, if he’s still reading this. Loved you as Robin.

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