Episode 50: Luxury Family Travel, Points & Miles, and Disney w/Robin from Luxe Recess

Robert chats with Robin Hutson from Luxe Recess about luxury family travel trends, blending points & miles with a trip booked through a full-service travel agency, and where families are going in Florida in addition to Disney.

0:30 Travel Planning Picking Up

1:15 Luxe Recess

16:50 Points & Miles

  • I know you’re familiar with the points & miles/credit cards game. What’s the view from “outside” the space on this game we play? I’d be interested in any insights you have personally and/or working with clients.
  • What’s in your wallet?
  • Blending points & miles usage with a trip planned through a full-service travel agency
  • Flat-fee destination planning

24:40 Disney and Florida

38:30 Discuss: The points & miles crowd seems to be a lot more men than women. But it’s the opposite in the family travel space. I wonder why that is when the goals are similarly aligned. What are your thoughts on that?

Where can listeners find Luxe Recess?

Our thanks to Robin for coming on the show.

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