Travelstories Episode 2: JFK International Airport: The International Gateway Everyone Loves to Hate

Editor’s Note: Please welcome Travelstories with Tom (@tktweetskim) and Trevor (@tmount) who many of you already know. They’ll share episodes here from time to time. Enjoy!

Episode 02: Show Notes.

In today’s episode, Trevor and Tom broach the topic of the International Gateway that everyone loves to hate. We’re referring, of course, to JFK International Airport in New York City. From its unique features and plane-spotting opportunities to the logistical challenges it presents, this episode covers it all. Tune in to hear Trevor and Tom’s review of the airport’s various lounges and nearby hotels, find out about the upcoming changes to this international gateway, and discover why everyone keeps finding themselves at JFK, despite its flaws.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Today’s topic: JFK International Airport.
  • The unique features of JFK.
  • Who each terminal is owned by.
  • The limited airside connectivity between terminals.
  • The transport challenges and costs of getting in and out of JFK.
  • A review of JFK’s lounges.
  • The Virgin Clubhouses you can access with a platinum American Express card.
  • Notable upcoming changes for Terminal 7 and Terminal 2.
  • The hotel choices around JFK.
  • JFK’s flaws.
  • The plane spotting opportunity at JFK.
  • Why people find themselves at JFK despite the fact that they love to hate it.
  • Strategies for positioning, with regards to connecting flights through JFK.
  • The logistical challenges JFK presents.
  • The pros of flying to and from JFK.


“[At] JFK there’s very limited, if not non-existent, airside connectivity between terminals.” — Tom Kim [0:03:05]

“The Virgin Clubhouse is probably one of the most notable [lounges] and is definitely one to go visit if you have the opportunity.” — Tom Kim [0:09:21]

“[There are] a lot of flaws in this major New York gateway to the world.” — Tom Kim [0:26:59]

“[JFK] is probably the best plane spotting location on the East Coast.” — Tom Kim [0:27:14]

“One of the reasons people love to hate JFK, yet still find themselves in JFK, is [that] you still find that award space.” — @tmount [0:29:32]

“The incredible connectivity that you have from JFK is really where it shines.”— @tmount [0:34:23]

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