TravelStories Episode 6: Full-Time Travel with Brennan Anderson

Full-Time Travel with Brennan Anderson

Episode 06: Show Notes.

Everybody needs to travel at some point in their lives, whether for vacation or business, but what about full-time travel? Is traveling full-time even possible? To help us answer these questions is our very first guest on the podcast, Brennan Anderson, who is traveling the world with his wife on a full-time basis. In our conversation, we delve into all the aspects of long-term travel, what is needed, and the overall experience. We start by learning about the required preparation, what motivated Brennan to travel long-term, and how to fund traveling the world. Hear about the incredible places he and his wife have visited, his experience with last-minute and advanced bookings, what cruise line he would recommend, his Maldives experience, joining an archeological dig site, and much more! Tune in to learn about the realities of traveling full-time with Brennan Anderson!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • [00:47] Introducing Brennan and where he is currently based.
  • [01:41] Outline of today’s show and the topics that will be covered.
  • [02:25] Find out why Brennan and his wife decided to pursue long-term travel.
  • [05:21] How Brennan and his wife were able to afford full-time travel.
  • [07:13] Whether they check-in or carry-on their luggage. 
  • [10:04] The type of travel insurance he and his wife use. 
  • [12:12] Overview of the cruises and travel deals they took advantage of.
  • [17:51] He shares his overall experience using URComped.
  • [21:11] Differences between Carnival Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean International.
  • [25:11] What the Maldives was like and other travel highlights.
  • [32:09] He shares his amazing experience of being a part of an archeological dig.
  • [36:48] Discover how much the archeological dig experience cost them.
  • [38:00] His biggest surprises and the lessons learned so far while traveling. 


“All of the entertainment was incredible on Royal Caribbean, not as much on Carnival.” — @MissionMediaVid [0:21:51]

“[The Maldives] was by far the most spectacular place that we have been so far.” — @MissionMediaVid [0:25:24]

“It really was a great experience to learn about not only the process of archeology but actually getting to find a few things.” — @MissionMediaVid [0:36:21]

“If you are willing to put in the work, apply, and research other opportunities, it sounds like there are a lot of free opportunities through colleges and universities.” — @MissionMediaVid [0:37:03]

“The most surprising thing has been just how easy it has been to transition into nomadic life.” — @MissionMediaVid [0:38:00]

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