TravelStories Episode 15:Summer Travel and The Longest Way Home

Episode 15: Show Notes.

Today we have a great summer catch-up, rounding up all the flights we have taken and destinations we have visited recently! We talk flights, hotels, cruise ships, river boat cruises, penguins, and more! Trevor unpacks his Greek Isles cruise, and the highs and lows, to include far, far more than normal travel gaffs! We touch on Mykonos’ iconic color palette, and when he would like to return in the future. We then get to hear from Tom about his time in South Africa, where he visited Cape Town and then Zimbabwe, where he visited Victoria Falls, the great food he ate, and the majesty of the impressive feats of nature! From the wildlife to the weather, the trip was mostly a really memorable one. Perhaps more humorously, both Trevor and Tom’s way home was overly long, so make sure to stick around to hear all about the unnecessary layovers and over-packed lounges!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • [02:40] Trevor’s recent trip and reflections on connecting airports, customs, hotel bookings, and more.
  • [08:36] The different levels of service available on cruise liners and their biggest signifiers.
  • [12:08] More gaffs and faux pas in Piraeus, Athens, and the stereotypical beauty of Mykonos.
  • [17:39] The last stop in Greece, wandering around an island and enjoying its gelato.
  • [24:35] Tom talks about his departure from Dulles Airport and his disappointment with the lounges.
  • [28:00] Why you should never compare first class and business class!
  • [32:10] Tom’s stop in Cape Town, South Africa, penguins, and affordable fine dining.
  • [34:22] A little about the history of Robben Island and Tom’s experience taking the ferry.
  • [37:50] Flying to Victoria Falls and the perfect weather in Zimbabwe at this time of year.
  • [43:18] New Visa requirements and reasons to always carry one of the major currencies.
  • [47:15] Tom’s return journey and why it took so long.
  • [55:04] Delicious Ethiopian flavors and the food that was served in the lounges and flights.
  • [1:03:18] This week’s round of ‘Guess the Fare!’


“We’ll go back to Athens, but I think we’ll wait until our daughter is old enough to enjoy it.” — @tmount [14:31]

“Some people make their own serendipity, I guess.” — @TktweetsKim [17:34]

“South Africa, and Cape Town in particular, has a very Mediterranean, almost California-esque climate.” — @tmount [33:49]

“I would say that Victoria Falls impresses quite a bit more than Niagara.” — @TktweetsKim [38:37]

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