TravelStories Episode 31: All About Baha Mar with Joey Redmond

Episode 31: Show Notes.

When you talk to folks in the community, people have strong opinions about Hyatt’s Baha Mar property, and its not just in one direction. Luckily, today’s guest, Joey Redmond – who has been on the show twice before – is here to tell us all about Baha Mar, a resort in the Bahamas that he has found himself returning to year after year as an ideal vacation spot for him and his family. Tuning in you’ll hear all of Joey’s top tips, from navigating your flights to making sure you do all your restaurant bookings in advance – and what to do if you don’t have a reservation! He tells us about his favorite activities at Baha Mar, including the water park, Baha Bay, and why it’s such a big highlight for him and his family every year. We also discuss how best to use their loyalty program, what you can do to maximize the Hyatt Globalist experience, and what to expect from the Baha Mar casino. For a full account of Joey’s tips and insights on Baha Mar, be sure to tune in for this fun and informative conversation with one of our favorite guests! 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • [00:00] What makes Baha Mar such a special destination.
  • [01:39] Tips on how to navigate Nassau airport and the trip home.
  • [05:28] Joey’s thoughts on large luxury properties and why Baha Mar doesn’t feel crowded.
  • [07:15] Why you should book your trip to Baha Mar and the restaurants in advance.
  • [10:11] What to expect from restaurant prices and budgeting advice.
  • [14:54] Joey’s favorite restaurants and meals, plus tips on where to eat without a reservation.
  • [20:33] How to maximize the Hyatt Globalist experience at Baha Mar.
  • [25:19] Why using points is usually the best option (and when it isn’t).
  • [28:18] An overview of the water park, Baha Bay, and why it’s such a big highlight.
  • [32:02] Other water activities and pools you can spend time at, and what the beach is like.
  • [34:23] What to expect from the Baha Mar casino.
  • [36:01] One of the weirdest things about their loyalty program.
  • [38:45] A recap of the benefits and drawbacks of Baha Mar.
  • [39:27] Why Joey has returned to Baha Mar with his family so many times.
  • [41:30] An overview of what it’s like flying to Baha Mar from different places in the US.
  • [45:26] Where you can find Joey online and get in touch.


“You can always find somewhere to eat. It’s just a matter of the better the restaurant, the more planning needs to go into it.” — @joeyredmond [13:17]

“It’s a pretty diverse buffet. We usually stay five nights [and] I don’t really get sick of it.” — @joeyredmond [19:30]

“Baha Bay is the name of the water park. And it’s four acres right on the beachfront. It’s a lot of fun. If you’re a person that likes water parks or likes water activities, I think you could easily fill two, three, four days there.” — @joeyredmond [28:28]

“Generally you’re not going to see anyone at the casino during the day. [That] is what I found.” — @joeyredmond [35:36]

“I think islands always have a lot stacked against them [when it comes to] having good foods. So the fact that [Baha Mar] was able to curate a food and beverage program with so many varied and different options. I think it’s actually pretty impressive.” — @TktweetsKim [43:56]

“One of the biggest selling points [seems to be] the closeness that you’ve got for having everything all in one place.” — @tmount [41:34]

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