Soliciting Reader Feedback: Longer or Shorter Posts?

Before we get to the above question I’d like to first say thank you to all the readers who’ve made Milenomics the success it has become.  Changing the world happens slowly, and changing the mile and point world is no exception to that.

I started writing this blog because I thought that this particular view of how Miles and points work (and don’t work) needed more publicity.  In doing so I’ve pushed for us to think that our time is valuable, that our miles are to be used, and that our costs are very real.

Along the way I’ve also tried to write “complete” posts. April probably saw some of the densest posts I’ve had on here. I’m especially proud of the two posts on the Fidelity card here and here, as well as the Purchase Tracking Sheet post from earlier this month.

I’ve got 200,000 Problems. Or, Maybe I Don’t.

I installed a new plugin on the site, Word Stats from Fran Ontanaya. I love it. Originally I wanted to install it to make sure I wasn’t showing preference for one specific airline or topic. After loading it up and checking word count I found the following information:

Wordcount Milenomics

From day one to today on the blog.


I’ve written over 200,000 words since starting the blog.  I sure hope some of those words have been good! I’m also glad to see the word ‘miles’ is the #1 most used word on the blog, and not a single airline or credit card company made the cut of the top 20 words used. I have no conscious allegiance to one airline or bank and I’m glad that subconsciously I don’t either.

I take great joy in working on these academic type posts.  Lately posts have been taking me more than a day to write.  The video component of the Routing post gave me a chance to work on editing, and working with video and audio tools.  I’m looking to challenge myself and learn more about blogging and I’ve enjoyed trying new [subtle] things here on the blog.

Soliciting Feedback: What would you like to see?

The last time I solicited feedback was nearly 6 months ago (New Years’ Day actually).  So I’m here today asking for more.  The question on my mind is: Shorter posts? Or no change? 

However, feel free to sound off on anything/everything about the blog:

  • Hate the font?
  • Think it is time for me to quit?
  • Want a new Logo?
  • Have a specific topic you’d like to see flushed out on here?
  • Tired of my blabbering
  • Or Anything else…let me know!

All is fair in love and miles. 

Against my instincts I’ve kept this post under 500 words–the rest is up to you!