Lemoney.com Deal Debriefing

Today we’re renewing an old series here on Milenomics; The Deal Debriefing.  I’m a big believer that discussing deals after the fact is a great way to learn from each other in a non-confrontational way. The deal below (unlimited turbo cashback) is dead for now, so there’s less harm in discussing it. But I think it […]

Tips/Tricks: How to Travel With a Baby

Today we’re introducing a new category here on Milenomics: Family Travel. Those of you who aren’t concerned with Miles, Cashback, Banks, or any other of the editorial type rants here on the blog can just bookmark the FT subpage and read that. Right on the heels of Robert’s excellent post on how to map out […]

Floors and Ceilings and Spreads (Oh My!)

  This post was originally titled “Wells Fargo, You’ve Ruined Us All.” The reason being is that for a time Wells Fargo created a program SO good, so easily manipulated, and so valuable, that it actually created its own economy around it. — Robert’s been tearing it up here on Milenomics, with one excellent post after […]

Predictions for 2018 — Crystal Ball Edition

*testing, testing* 1, 2, 3. Is this thing on? Hello, Hello. Happy new year to all.  I’m dusting things off a bit here and wanted to start the year with a post about my views on 2018.  I’ll be looking into my crystal ball here, so plenty of what I say might end up not […]