Predictions for 2018 — Crystal Ball Edition

*testing, testing* 1, 2, 3. Is this thing on? Hello, Hello. Happy new year to all.  I’m dusting things off a bit here and wanted to start the year with a post about my views on 2018.  I’ll be looking into my crystal ball here, so plenty of what I say might end up not […]

Extend Make-or-Buy Analysis to Your Travels

Miles are addictive.  This addiction causes two types of actions in almost all afflicted parties: Greed for more miles and Hoarding of existing stock.  Today we’ll discuss the higher level decisions you should be making about your miles (and money) and hopefully open up discussion regarding if/when you should even bother with miles. Make-or-Buy Analysis (In Brief) […]

Miles Are Dead!

Programming note: I’ve been gone for a little longer than expected. Thank you to those who’ve dropped notes to me and messages checking to make sure I still have a pulse. Miles Are Dead (You Heard it Here First) I think it is important that you (the new reader) understand the bias I (the old […]