What Kind of Traveler Are You?

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We’ll start the day with a small quiz: What kind of traveler are you? It might not sound important, but the type of traveler you are will very much determine how you earn and use points and miles. It will also help you focus as you read this blog.

There are four types of Milenomics travelers, they are:

101 Level traveler: This type of traveler has 1-2 weeks of vacation days per year. They might travel with their family in the summer for a week or so, and maybe travel home for the holidays. 101 level travelers are usually only able to travel during the “high season”. If you have little to no understanding of how points and miles work, you’re probably best to consider yourself a 101 Level traveler even if you have some of the characteristics of another level.

As a 101 level traveler look to Milenomics #101 to eliminate the cost of your yearly tickets and also give you a chance to fly up front.

201 Level traveler: At the 201 level you’re still traveling once, maybe twice a year on a 1-2 week trip, but the world is yours. You have no problem flying to Prague, Phuket, or Sydney; in fact you might even have a list of places you’d like to see in the world. You do domestic trips, possibly for the holidays, maybe for 3 day weekends. For you, Milenomics #201 can get you almost anywhere you’d like to go (sorry, an Antarctic vacation isn’t included), and share tips on how to spend way less.

301 Level Traveler: Due to personal circumstances you’re able to travel whenever, and wherever you’d like. You may work for an employer who has you work on one week, off the next. Or you may have a very flexible job, which you can do from anywhere on the planet. Maybe you’re self employed. Either way; the limitation is not on time off–but rather on where you haven’t been. To be a 301 level traveler you need massive amounts of miles. Watch for #301 tips to pad your account balances.

401 Level Traveler: Business travel is now in the mix. At the 401 level you travel as much as every week, or as little as once every few months for work. You’ve seen the inside of far too many planes, and sat waiting for far too many delays. Tips on how to stay sane, save money, and enjoy your time off when you get it will be key here. Why not make a start by reading this useful guide that features 5 Smart Ways to Save on Business Travel.

In reality most of us are omni-travelers. We might have elements of all of these–you travel domestically once or twice (or more) a year on vacation; You also enjoy international travel. You do fly for business/or you used to, and have amassed status, points, and miles. You’re looking to make some sense out of the mess that is the frequent flyer system. Or you have a ton of time off, but don’t have the means to travel during that time off; You enjoy seeing new places.

In the coming months and years I’ll be tagging posts with each level: #101 for 100 level, #201, #301 and #401. Keep this in mind when you’re reading here.

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