Amex No Longer Capping MR Transfers to Delta at 250k/yr.

In case you’re feverishly working at transferring out your MR to Delta Skymiles before January 1, I wanted to update you to the fact that there won’t be a need to do so.  Amex just announced that there won’t be a cap next year, contrary to what was widely reported last month.

Skymiles 1

The email is short and sweet–:we said that there would be a cap on transferring MR to Skymiles; there will be no cap. That is all.”  I wish there was more detail into the business behind it all, but instead we’re left to speculate.

What Happened?

Pure conjecture on my part, but it looks as if Delta blinked here;  They pushed a limit of 250,000 MR transferring into Skymiles and either due to arm wrangling by Amex, or some other legal issue they’re unable to make the 250,000 cap stick.

I don’t think very many people are going to be bumping into this cap, so a third option is that it just isn’t going to be a huge deal. The number of people who currently transfer 250k MR to Delta is probably very near 0.  I do think that number could increase substantially next year, but still not to a level where it becomes “the norm.”

I’m still holding onto my Delta earning debit card; if the come for that I’ll openly weep.  🙁

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