Just a quick post on a deal that’s got a few days left to go. The deal ends 4/30 so you have a little time to get in on it.

Until the 30th, purchase 2 Vanilla Visa products and earn 800 Plenti points.  ($8).  Valid up to 2x on each Plenti account:

Vanilla Visa 800 Plenti

The best way to max out this deal is to do 4x$500 cards, and scale up with multiple Plenti accounts.  In January I started amassing phone numbers; and have a nice little pool of about 20 lines that I can use for whatever I see fit.  Signing up for Plenti accounts with these numbers wasn’t on my radar; but it is now.

A Word on Phone Numbers

Multiple phone numbers are very useful; deals can be text based and limited to 1 per number. While this isn’t exactly a time when you *need* multiple phone numbers you should consider having access to multiple numbers, and building up a stash of them.

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11 thoughts on “Quick Deal: $16 in Plenti Points When You Buy 4 Vanilla Visa at Rite-Aid

    • Clint: You probably already have one, maybe 2 with a spouse. You might also have access to some via Google Voice. For each Gmail account you have you could grab another 1 to X numbers there (sometimes GV numbers do not work for promotional texts, so they are not ideal). Moving to even weirder services, a company called ringplus offers free service for old sprint phones. I bought a lot of a dozen old flip phones on ebay for $20 and hooked them up months ago, they’ve more than paid for themselves since.

    • When You Buy. I thought it was a really well known acronym…it could be something I made up in my head. I’ll clarify with full words. Thanks.

    • Henry: I’ll figure out how to keep certain posts off of saverocity’s main page. Featuring Milenomics on Saverocity is relatively new. I appreciate the feedback.

  1. So what do you do with these Vanilla GCs nowadays? Rite-Aid recently killed debit reloading, and with no Serve, I’m out of ideas. MOs? But not at WM since they don’t do Vanillas. Thanks

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