Bonus Podcast: 5 Tenets of Milenomics

It’s been almost a year since I joined with Sam to reboot Milenomics. It’s been my pleasure working alongside him on the site.

The series that’s been the most enjoyable to write (and hopefully read) has been our Shop Talk posts. The idea of a “podcast on paper” enables asynchronous conversation. Few things in this space are simple black and white one-size-fits-all type stuff so it takes some back and forth to come to terms with a respectful understanding of where each of us are coming from. The guests we’ve had on have been terrific, and we’ll look forward to continuing those.

But perhaps the most impactful contribution of those Shop Talks posts is how it inspired us to create an actual podcast called Milenomics². We call it “squared” because we’ve found that when we put our ideas together the result is greater than the sum of the parts.

Sam and I recently appeared on the Travel Fanboy podcast and laid out 5 Tenets of Milenomics.

It was a great experience because it challenged us to net out what it means to be a Milenomic. We discussed some foundational concepts that have been around for some time, as well as newer ideas we’ve shared this year.

I hope you’ll give this episode a listen because I think it does a great job laying out where Milenomics has been and where we’re going in the future:

Episode link with show notes

Here are time stamps along with links to reference material here on Milenomics:

Our thanks to Adam for having us on the show. I’d encourage you to check out other episodes of his podcast: Travel Fanboy

Milenomics has always been a place where your intellect – and your wallet – are respected. I think that mindset comes through particularly well on the podcast. We’ve got some great shows planned as we’re coming up on the end of the year. We looking forward to continuing to the conversation.

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