[Boston/MA Only?] $600 Chase Banking Signup Bonus

chase boston signup bonus

JP Morgan Chase is offering a $600 signup bonus for opening a checking account and a savings account and completing certain activities.

Up until now, Chase hasn’t had branches in Massachusetts. That being the case, Chase hasn’t allowed Massachusetts residents to open banking accounts online at all.

That’s changing now that Chase is opening branches in the Boston area.

Chase Boston Signup Bonus

To earn $600 total you’ll need to:

  • Open a Chase Total Checking and a Chase Savings account
  • Set up direct deposit on the checking account
  • Fund the savings account with $15,000 and leave it there for 90 days
  • Once you do that you should get a total of $600 within 10 business days

Offer expires 1/17/2019

How to get the Offer

When I visited chase.com [without logging in] from a browser in which I’d previously logged in to my Chase account, the offer appeared at the top of the page. The address on my Chase accounts is in Massachusetts.

If you don’t see the offer appearing when going to chase.com, try logging into your Chase account, then log out, then go to chase.com.

Although the “Open now” button links to a landing page, that page doesn’t load for me in a fresh browser. This offer seems targeted to residents in the Boston area.

Branch Locations

Chase is betting big on Boston with plans to open 50 branch locations.

It looks like the first to open are going to be in Dedham (869 Providence Hwy) and Downtown Crossing in Boston (425 Washington St).

Check their branch locator for updates.

Avoiding Fees

Checking account fees can be avoided with a $500 monthly direct deposit or by maintaining a balance of $1,500.

Savings account fees can be avoided by maintaining a balance of $300.

Credit Card Funding?

No. You can only fund the account with debit cards and the maximum amount is $50 for savings and $50 for checking.

Bottom Line

This is a terrific offer and I look forward to heightened competition in the space.

I went for the $600 offer straight away. Account opening was easy and straightforward. I’ll consider making Chase my primary bank. I’ll also look to upgrade this account to Sapphire Banking if they’re still offering 60,000 Ultimate Rewards for that after I complete this initial offer.

See: Use Revolving Lines Of Credit To Earn The 60,000 UR Chase Sapphire Banking Bonus

Welcome to Boston, Chase. I’m looking forward to doing business with you.

About the author

– Written by Robert Dwyer, contributor at Milenomics. Connect with me on Twitter @RobertDwyer


  1. DP: Not showing for me with address in Marblehead. You might be closer to an existing branch (Dedham and Boston show for me on the locator) I’ve never been in hot water with Chase. I tried logging in and out a few times and clicked around the site a bit while logged in and out.

    Thanks for pointing it out, Robert! I’ll keep checking.

    1. Thanks for the datapoint, Russ.
      It’s some crazy targeting they’re doing with this one.

      Hopefully the offers will be in-branch when they open.
      And who knows? They might be even better.

    2. Following up… I tried later from my office, logged in to my biz account (Ink Plus w/Salem address) , logged out, then clicked “Checking Account” in the middle of the page under “Choose what’s right for you” and got the offer. Seems we can put in an email to receive a coupon… wonder if that’s repeatable. 😉

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