How I’m About to Double Down on Family Travel –

Ok, I get that writing a  blog, and co-hosting not one, but two podcasts is a really bad preface to the following sentence: I’m bad at talking about myself.

That said, I would be completely remiss if I didn’t write this post.  While I’ve spilled this ‘secret’ on the recent Festivus episode of the Saverocity Observation deck, I haven’t yet written about it here on the blog.

I’ve been loosely toying with posts about family travel since…well since I stated traveling as a family. And because life is beautiful, and parenthood is as well (in some brain fried, emotionally frazzled anti-matter kind of way), I’m about to really put my travel philosophy to the test here:

Baby #2 is on the Way

I’ll quote George Costanza here: “Alright we’re taking it up a notch.”

Life has dealt me an Ace, a wonderful little one who loves to fly. Dia, once warned me that 3 was the worst age to fly. I’m happy to say we’re through 3 with no end to my daughter’s love of flying in sight–so we’re pressing our luck and doubling down?

Will we be dealt a 10?  Another baby who’s a Milenomic in training? or a will we take a 2, and have a tough time traveling with 2 kids?  Does it matter? Nah, not really.  The world is out there, and travel is too important to skip because of some stressful flying.

So. Good, bad or ugly I’m in this for the long haul. 

Less Travel Short Term Will Create More Demand Long Term

A quick Recap of our family travel. Starting at 6 months we hit the ground running (or flying).  I chronicle some more of the ‘just do it’ of this philosophy in this post as well.

In the 3.5 years since we started travel as a family we’ve done 60,000+ miles in the sky with our little one, countless rental cars, trains, boats, buses, gondola, Uber/Lyft, and our fair share of walking. Was it easy? Not always, maybe not ever. But was it worth it? Absolutely.

We spent the weekend near in the foothills of Los Angeles, my daughter looked up at the snow capped mountains and proclaimed “I can see Canada!” Ok so her geography’s a bit off, but the idea that her world exists outside of the neighborhood she spends most days–and she’s creating an idea of this planet, it’s people, and how interconnected we all are is priceless to me.  I can’t *not* give that same experience to baby #2.

My biggest issue is how to handle no travel right now. I’m already going through withdrawals and it has only been a few weeks. I’m considering booking some trips sight unseen–but I do think waiting and doing a test run somewhere domestically is a better idea before we launch to Europe and discover (along with 300 strangers) if we’ve made a horrible mistake.

Call Me Anything, Just Don’t Call Me Crazy

Wish me luck! Warn me of the pitfalls, Give me your best tips for travel with 2, I can use the advice while I sit on my hands for the next few months unable to travel.

If you notice that I make less and less sense, or that I fall asleep mid sentence during a podcast and Robert ends up finishing the episode while I snore, Now you’ll know why!

And now I need to dust off my diaper changing skills. And Maybe I should get a new coffee maker. That’s it–coffee–lots of coffee…

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  1. I’m on a travel roller coaster too with kids at home I need to be there for them (20 countries in five years for
    Them alone) make my $$$, and have solo travel adventures. So crazy! I wish you luck my friend.

  2. Congrats! I think going from 1 to 2 kids is way easier than going from 0-1. You can do it! And if a flight ever sucks, well, you won’t have to see those strangers again, hopefully! 🙂

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