Episode 29: Qantas Devaluation, Grocery Promos, and 5x Opportunities

On this week’s No Annual Fee Edition of the podcast we discuss:

0:30 Q3 5x Categories Announced

  • Chase Freedom: Gas and streaming services
  • Discover: PayPal and restaurants
  • Citi Dividend: Airline and car rentals

1:20 Office Depot $10 off $100 in Select Happy Cards (link)

  • Repeat of last promo
  • Unfortunately looks to be excluding Happy Guy (Home Depot)

2:25 Stop & Shop 8x Fuel Rewards Happy Cards

  • 6/21-6/27/2019

2:40 Safeway J4U $10 off of $100 or more Visa GC

  • This is a repeat of the promo from a month or so ago
  • $10 erases $5.95 purchase fee
  • Does work on Variable $500’s
  • Makes sure you have liquidation in place

 3:30 Amex Qantas Transfer Bonus and Targeted Qantas Transfer Bonus: Do they stack?

  • Amex is running an untargeted 20% bonus
  • People on DansDeals say they’re getting 20% on top of 20% for no apparent reason
  • (Additionally?) My wife was targeted for a 15% transfer bonus on the Qantas side
  • Do these stack?
  • I transferred 1,000 Qantas miles from Amex
  • This earned 1,200 upon arrival
  • 4 days later a 20% bonus of 240 points posted
  • If this sticks, it works out to a 1.44 transfer ratio
  • If the additional 15% posts it would be a 1.62 transfer ratio
  • Crazy one, but if all the bonuses posted it would be huge
  • Devaluation coming? (LoyaltyLobby link)
  • Yes, devaluation occurred (PointMeToThePlane link)

15:25 80,000 Signup Bonus Southwest Business Credit Card (FM link)

  • $199 annual fee
  • Expected to be subject to 5/24
  • Southwest Companion Pass: Deal or not a deal? (link)

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