TravelStories Episode 9: Return to Asia

Return to Asia

Episode 9: Show Notes.

Welcome back to another episode of Travel Stories, where this week we talk about returning to Asia! Over the past few years, the award availability to get to Asia has been limited but we are hoping that it will start to flow back. In this episode, Trevor dives into his recent family trip to Singapore and Bali and we get to hear all about it. From the flights they selected, the equipment they flew, the experience in business class, meal service, and fifth freedom flights. He shares his first experience with a new airline and also sheds light on some recommendations regarding flights; which to pick and when! We also hear about his experience at the Andaz Hotel in Singapore and the Hyatt Regency in Bali. For all this, and much more, tune into this jam-packed episode now. Enjoy!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • [00:06] An introduction to our topic for this week’s episode.
  • [01:30] We talk about getting flights to different places.
  • [02:44] Trevor talks us through their Asia trip itinerary.
  • [04:06] The Singapore business-class experience.
  • [05:18] Trevor’s most memorable takeaway from their Singapore flight.
  • [07:24] The downside of the flight experience: the IFE.
  • [07:45] The amenities kit and why it just isn’t the same.
  • [08:40] We hear about the next special, leg of the flight.
  • [09:40] The equipment he flew on for the next leg.
  • [10:00] Fifth freedom flights and their benefits.
  • [11:35] Why Trevor has avoided, thus far, flying with KLM.
  • [12:20] Some of the pluses for flying with KLM.
  • [14:19] Trevor tells us about his return trip and what made it memorable too.
  • [17:30] Why the 17-hour flight was not the best; a few factors.
  • [19:28] We hear about the meal service on the flight from Singapore to JFK.
  • [20:50] A recommendation from Trevor for those traveling from Singapore to JFK.
  • [22:00] The two flights from JFK/Newark to Singapore and which to pick and when.
  • [23:20] The “Family” experience; flying with a 15-month-old.
  • [25:30] Our thoughts on the Singapore service experience.
  • [28:15] American Airlines: their last flight home.
  • [30:01] Trevor talks about his decisions around American miles.
  • [31:56] We hear about Trevor’s experience in Singapore.
  • [34:40] The walkability of Singapore.
  • [35:45] We hear about his experience at the Andaz Singapore hotel.
  • [40:30] More about his time in Bali at the Hyatt Regency Hotel.
  • [41:12] The regency club at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Bali.
  • [42:25] What made Sanur beach superior to others.
  • [44:57] More about the amenities at the hotel.
  • [46:00] Transportation: the experience and how he arranged it.


“I personally, would recommend [anyone flying Singapore to JFK] to hold your meal to later in the flight so that you aren’t getting off the flight hungry.” — @tmount [0:20:49]

“The Singapore service is insurmountable, they have their processes so refined and they do it so well.” — @tmount [0:25:01]

“It’s very hard for me to think of a time or an encounter with a Singapore Airline staff member that wasn’t top-notch.” — @TktweetsKim [0:25:31]

“Bali is a wonderful destination for stretching your travel budget; it’s a place where you can have a very comfortable beach getaway and not have to dig too deep into the wallet.” — @TktweetsKim [0:47:20]

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