TravelStories Episode 18: End of Summer Trips

Episode 18: Show Notes

Summer is drew to a close, but the adventures are far from over. Join us as we finish the summer with two very different trips. From airport lounges to ancient pyramids, from gourmet dining to high-seas adventure, this episode has it all. In our conversation, Trevor recounts his Lima trip. He also gives us the lowdown on the JW Marriott Hotel in Lima and why it’s the second JW Marriott to have an excellent soft product but perhaps not the greatest hard product. Next, Tom takes us on his flight to London, describing the cabin and crew that made his journey memorable, to his pre-cruise adventure in London. Discover what makes the Anthem of the Seas cruise special as Tom shares highlights from the trip and favorite ports visited along the way. Tune in, pack your bags (mentally, at least), and get ready for a travel experience like no other in this episode of the Travel Stories Podcast!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • [01:00] Delta Sky Club offerings and why it is our first choice.
  • [06:45] Trevor’s Lima trip, the food.
  • [10:49] The JW Marriott Hotel in Lima.
  • [13:48] Why Lima left Trevor underwhelmed and what he appreciated about the hotel.
  • [19:48] Hear Trevor’s experience and opinion of Delta Sky Club.
  • [20:40] Tom’s flight to London and what he liked about the cabin and crew.
  • [24:45] His pre-cruise London adventure and stay at the St Giles London Hotel.
  • [27:52] Anthem of the Seas cruise, what to do onboard, and fine dining.
  • [31:30] How to get the most out of your points and miles on a cruise.
  • [30:22] Disappointments regarding food choice and how cruises have changed.
  • [32:28] Favourite ports along the cruise and Tom’s overall experience.
  • [41:29] Lessons from Terminal 3 at Heathrow airport.
  • [43:30] Another round of ‘Guess the Fare!’


“You know what? Not every trip is a home run.” — @Tmount [14:15]

“[Virgin Atlantic] is definitely one of those airlines where if you are light on miles but you have a little bit of extra cash to throw around it is pretty good value.” — @TktweetsKim [23:16]

“Remember to have your platinum cards ready for all your guests [when at Heathrow airport], unless you want to pay extra.” — @TktweetsKim [42:19]

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