TravelStories Episode 30: First Time Istanbul Visit with Han

A First Time Istanbul Visit with Han

Episode 30: Show Notes

The Turkish Airlines Devaluation was a big deal. We covered our trip to Istanbul, Turkey, but the reality of the matter is, so many people booked trips to Turkey because of this devaluation and we just felt obligated to bring a second perspective. In this case, Han Chicago joins us to share his first time to Istanbul. In this episode, we sit down with Han Chicago to discuss his first-time experience of Turkey and what it has to offer. We cover everything from planning the trip to his in-flight and in-country experiences, discussing the quality of seats on the 787-9 aircraft, why he chose to hire a guide, the benefits of having a guide to get around the city, and Turkey’s rich history. Han talks about what he enjoyed most about the city, visiting a spice market, intriguing aspects of the country, his experience of eating a “wet burger” for the first time, and how Turkey captured his wanderlust. He also shares why he was adamant about flying on the A350-900 and what aspects make the aircraft unique. Perhaps the best thing, selfishly, was that Han took so different of an approach to his visit, as compared to Tom and Trevor in Episode 28!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • [00:53] Introducing today’s guest, Han Chicago, and insights into his style of travel.
  • [03:06] Trevor and Han debate which airline has the best first-class products.
  • [04:38] A brief background about Han and traveling during the pandemic.
  • [07:12] Ways the pandemic has impacted how Tom, Trevor, and Han travel. 
  • [11:32] Why he chose Turkey, seats on the 787-9 Boeing, and his planning process.
  • [16:50] Overview of his in-country package and how he got around the city.
  • [18:43] The Grand Hyatt Hotel, exploring the city at night, and avoiding scams.
  • [22:30] Han’s favorite parts of the city and indulging in a scoop of Turkish ice cream.
  • [25:05] Benefits of having club access and sightseeing with a tour guide.
  • [31:41] Eating a “wet burger” and his overall impressions of the food.
  • [34:55] Invaluable advice for those thinking about a trip to Turkey.
  • [37:08] What he would have done differently and his sightseeing recommendations.
  • [39:45] Flying on the A350-900 and the quality of the food on the return trip.
  • [45:12] Highlights of his JAL A350-900 experience and final takeaways.
  • [49:22] Find out how to get in contact with Han.


“I am chasing [travel] products very much. It is because of, in this post-pandemic era, the new evaluations are coming strong.” — @hanchicago [9:16]

“I can see myself going back to [Turkey]. I think it is a really fun destination. I didn’t really know what to expect.” — @hanchicago [18:43]

“I think anybody who goes to [Turkey] will enjoy it. There is just a positive feeling there, I can’t really explain it.” — @hanchicago [24:38]

“You cannot see all of [Turkey] in one trip.” — @TktweetsKim [29:05]

“I don’t think I would have done the trip, to be honest, if I knew I was not getting on the [A350-900].” — @hanchicago [39:47]

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