Milenomics Quick Tip: Reduce Debit Card Purchase Fees by $1.20

Yesterday I posted about a MMR at Safeway stores.  Today, a Quick Tip about how to reduce your Out of Pocket (OOP) costs by $1.20 per debit card.

This really only works if you’re currently renting movies from Redbox.  Redbox offers promo codes, some of which only work once per credit card.  The good news is that each Debit gift card is a unique Credit Card number as well.  So to Redbox, a newly minted Visa/MC Giftcard = at least 1 free DVD rental.

The code I use the most is:

  • DVDONME – one use per card.

There are other codes listed here. You may be able to use them to get more free rentals with each card. I tend to just register the gift card, rent a movie with each card, and then cash out my gift cards as soon as possible.

Again, it only helps reduce your fees if you are paying for Redbox rentals already.

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  1. Interesting. I had thought these didn’t work anymore because folks (read: thieves) were using a $1 prepaid card to rent a movie and never return it.

    1. I did one last week with a Chase Gift Card, as well as with one bought off of Giftcardmall. YMMV. It really sucks that scammers ruin things for everyone.

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