Travel Essentials: Domestic Edition

I’m flying back east tomorrow and will return on Sunday.  I’m notoriously bad at packing before travel–but this time I managed to pack my bag early, and thought I’d share what is in my bag for this trip. Because this is Milenomics–it won’t be terrible impressive stuff–but it will be very practical. Android phone (rooted): I […]

United in 2014: Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Note: This post is  intended for #301’s, and #401’s. Today I’ll discuss strategies for those of you currently holding status and trying to decide what to do with your travel next year.  In case you’ve missed it–the requirements to qualify for Elite status with both United and Delta are getting tougher next year.  Both have […]

Membership Rewards Points: Shadow Currency, Orphan Savior and Risky Business

Note: Yesterday’s post was all #101. Today’s post is the opposite. Also, if you’re new to Miles this post is not for you. We’ve discussed the similarities between miles and investing before on Milenomics.  We all know investing carries risk–and something your broker will often ask is how “risk tolerant” you are.  If you want to […]