Big News–Milenomics is Moving…to

Used under Cretive Commons 2.0 license from
Used under Cretive Commons 2.0 license from

The more things change, the more they stay the same…

Today’s the day. I’ve been working on this for a few weeks, and today I’m ready to throw the switch!

Milenomics is Moving–To

I started Milenomics a little under 6 months ago. My original goal was to get the ideas in my head out onto a blog, and try to push back against some of the “noise” out there. I had hoped the blog would become successful–but I didn’t expect the amazing response I’ve received.

The good news is most things aren’t changing at all: and aren’t changing. You can always email me as well:

Work in Progress

As a one man operation the new site is going to start off as close in functionality to the current site as possible. I’ll roll out new features from there, and hopefully I won’t break anything along the way.

I’m not sure if I can move email subscribers to the new blog–so unfortunately you’ll need to re-subscribe to receive email updates of new posts. Also RSS feeds will need to be updated, and if you’re linking to the blog, or a specific page you’ll want to update that link to the same page on

Today starts a new journey with Milenomics, and I do hope you’ll come with me. Let’s go places together.

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- Written by Sam Simon. All ideas are my own, but I encourage you to see my point of view and I promise I'll try to do the same. Connect with me on Twitter @Milenomics.


  1. To bad F2B couldn’t post your forwarding address instead of, “This site has been archived or suspended.”. Makes it sound like you were a deadbeat who didn’t pay his bill. Fortunately Google pointed me to your Twitter feed, and from there to the new site here.

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