Episode 43: Compelling Amex Offers, Grocery Rewards, and a Deflagged Hyatt

0:25 Stop & Shop Rewards can now be used for Groceries (Milenomics Slack)

  • 1 point per dollar earned 
  • Redeem 100 points for $1 (1 cpp value)
  • 2,000 max per transaction (ie, max $20 off)
  • Fuel Rewards is 100 points for $0.10/gallon up to 20 gallons (Up to 2 cpp of value if you can fill a 20 gallon tank)
  • But how much gas can you realistically use?
  • You need to log in to your account (on desktop or app) and opt in to GO Rewards. You can’t opt to go back into the old program, but the new program still allows you to redeem for gas so I don’t see a downside in opting in.
  • Also check out Saverocity Observation Deck Ep 141 for more about Fuel Rewards
  • And MSP Ep 7 on Kroger’s program specifically

4:10 Amex Offer: 10% Off Staples up to $40 Back (Milenomics Slack)

  • Only on my account (business card)

5:20 iTunes GCs Can Now Be Used to Buy Apple Products (MacRumors)

  • What effect does this have on resale prices?

7:40 Targeted Amex Personal Platinum $100 Back on $100 at Dell

  • Great way to capture this is a buyers group

9:50 Park Hyatt Mallorca De-flagged (Milenomics Slack)

  • Hotel isn’t set to re-open due to Covid until 2021
  • The build quality is really incredible here, such a shame to see it wasn’t a financial success (perhaps even before Covid).
  • Would you still seek this property out, once it’s an independent hotel?
  • Less loyalty leverage, concerns about food & beverage quality (was so high before), and overall experience.
  • Could rates and packages make this even more compelling as an independent hotel?
  • Sweet Spots: The Most Seasonally Miscategorized Hyatt Hotels

16:30 7-Eleven to Acquire Speedway Stations (CNN)

19:50 Fee-free VGCs at Staples 8/2-8/8 (FM)

  • Limit 5
  • YMMV

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