Citi Prestige Promo: $75 Off $750+ Hotel Bookings with Code TY75HOTEL

Citi is offering $75 off $750+ hotel bookings with code TY75HOTEL for bookings between November 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019.

Update (Nov 1, 2019): This code works towards online ThankYou Point bookings

It’s unclear [to me] whether you can use this code for bookings paid for with ThankYou Points, though I am hopeful.

citi prestige promo

For certain cardholders, there could be a potential here to stack:

  • 4th night free with Prestige
  • 25% uplift with Premier
  • 10% rebate with Rewards+
  • This $75 off $750 code

Since the code isn’t acitve yet, it’s unclear whether it can reduce the price of bookings paid for with ThankYou Points. But if it can, under just the right circumstances, it could create strong value for bank points enthusiasts.

citi prestige promo

The Citi portal has a tendency to inflate hotel prices. And some hotels aren’t listed in the portal at all. And bookings through third parties like the portal will cause most loyalty hotels to not honor status benefits. But other than that: Great deal! 😉

One silver lining is that you can combine multiple hotel bookings to reach the $750 threshold. And you can book 330 days out. But still, it seems like you’d really need fortunate alignment of demand schedule with this promotion for it to be highly impactful.

Fine Print:

We discussed whether to Keep or Cancel the Citi Prestige card in Episode 41 of our podcast.

Question of the Day: Have you been able to find any great uses for this promotion?

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  1. The TY75HOTEL promo code stacks with Premier 1.25 uplift, Prestige 4NF, and (I’m hoping) Rewards+ 10% rebate on whatever TYPs were used. That latter piece hasn’t arrived (yet). Additionally if you have a cash payment leftover for your booking, because it requires a Prestige to book (to get the 4NF) any cash payment, since the Connexions portal counts as a travel agency you will get 5x TYP on that amount too. If I’d been a little more patient, and waited til my Dec statement cut, I bet my $250 travel credit would have worked on this too….but I was already getting hosed with the hotel price going up.

    This was a case where the TYP portal price was ok as I checked 7 different booking channels while researching this stay. Unfortunately too many times the TYP portal shows little inventory, and bad pricing.

    Also I noticed that the portal has slightly changed in their booking process between the last time I used a 4NF in Aug for a booking. Slightly easier to use, and better flexibility for putting the names on who can use the benefit. There’s part of me which suspects that they have quietly made the 4NF more flexible in that dimension, but aren’t advertising it.

    PS: Rewards+ has stacked on prior 4NF bookings, so I’m assuming it comes through.

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