AmEx Hilton Business Eligible for Referral [25,000 for you, 125,000 for a friend]

The AmEx Hilton Business credit card I wrote about yesterday is now eligible for referral. The offer is 25,000 for you and 125,000 for your friend.

How to refer

Direct link to refer-a-friend on an AmEx card:

  1. Log in.
  2. Refer your friends.
  3. Receive bonus rewards if your friend is approved.


On the receiving end, this offer isn’t as good as the 125,000 + $50 statement credit offer I wrote about yesterday.

But if you’re referring a spouse I’d take 25,000 Hilton points over $50 since Hilton points are worth around a half a cent or $125 to me.

Another scenario could be where you refer a close friend and “split” the referral.

If you don’t want to involve a close friend in referral splitting, and you’re in two player mode, I think the optimal solution would be to go for the 125,000 + $50 statement credit then refer your spouse for another 25,000 + 125,000.

It’s worth noting a 80,000 point annual cap on referrals for this card, so that’s 3 referrals and you’ll be maxed out.

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