Episode 46: Making Money by Investing in Mutual Savings Banks

On today’s podcast I chat with Bram Berkowitz to discuss investing in mutual savings banks. I first became familiar with the topic from an excellent article he wrote:

See: How The Average Person Can Make A Lot Of Money Investing In Mutual Savings Banks

0:00 Background and intro

2:10 The basic pattern of mutual banks offering pre-IPO shares to account holders, a potential run up and second bump 3 years later

Recent example: $EBC

10:10 How to identify future candidate banks?

12:45 Is this opportunity nationwide? Or more prevalent in MA?

Links mentioned:

You can find Bram’s work on The Motley Fool and follow Bram on Twitter @BramBerko

My thanks to Bram for appearing on the show

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– Written by Robert Dwyer, contributor at Milenomics. Connect with me on Twitter @RobertDwyer


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