Episode 59: Citi Transfer Partner Changes, New Routes, and a $500 Tip of the Week

We discuss the addition of Wyndham/Vacasa as a Citi ThankYou Point transfer partner, ZIPAIR from LAX to Tokyo, Frontier leaving Newark, and a $500 brokerage bonus from “Tastyworks.” Let’s get right into it.

Citi TYP Shakeup: AA Out (for now?) Wyndham In

  • Wyndham 1:1 from Premier/Prestige, 5:4 from lower level cards
  • Wyndham opens up Vacasa rentals–and really is a wonderful option for family travel
  • Earlier this year I attempted to open a Wyndham Business card but was unsuccessful
  • Now, 3x on Fluz or 2x on WU purchases are really nice vehicles for Vacasa rentals 
  • Because of Cash out options, TYP transferred over should ideally have a 1cpp or higher value (1.25 for a DC or lower card) to even just break even  
  • Vacasa prices by the bedrooms (15k per)–which gives outsize value opportunities (2-3cpp) 

ZIPAIR Announced LAX-Tokyo Route (link)

  • Very affordable, especially for kids
  • What’s this mean for flights to Japan for tourism?
  • It’s amazing how investment continues to pour into the travel space despite trying times
  • Discuss where this sort of thing fits in compared to using miles
  • https://www.zipair.net/en
  • 3x weekly service
  • 6 and below fly for 13,000 YEN each way ($115) 

Frontier Leaving EWR, 16 slots up for grabs (Link: WA)

  • Is this a loss for EWR? 
  • What would it take for us to fly Frontier? (nonstop, good times)
  • JetBlue, Spirit United seen as winners?
  • Fun Fact: Slots were to remain unused, saving 1.2 minutes per day of delays 
  • The added competition is seen to allow fares to drop $15-$36.  

“Tastyworks” $500 Brokerage Bonus

  • Direct link
  • $500 bonus for funding w/$10,000 and holding for 3 months
  • Doesn’t seem that trading is a requirement?
  • Make sure GIVE_ME_FIVE_2021 is applied as the referral code
  • Bonus posted for us 24 hours after funding (is that a world record?)

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– Written by Robert Dwyer, contributor at Milenomics. Connect with me on Twitter @RobertDwyer

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