Episode 61: A Roundup of Current Amex Opportunities, Calling Reconsideration and News

It’s been too long since we’ve released a No Annual Fee epsiode. This week we take stock of the many Amex offers currently available, many of which can earn welcome bonuses even if you’ve had – or still have – the card. There’s some nuance to it through, which we cover in detail. Enjoy!

0:25 Amex Opportunity Roundup

  • NLL 250,000 Business Platinum (link to check, may still get pop-up)
    • $30,000 in 6 months
    • Additional 10,000 for adding employee at time of application and spending $1,000 on the card
  • Targeted NLL Bundles
    • 150,000 Business Platinum (link to check)
    • 100,000 Business Gold (link to check)
    • Additional 10,000 for adding employee at time of application and spending $1,000 on the card
    • If card goes to recon, it seems the ability to earn 10,000 for additional employee is lost
  • Call-in offers 855-531-3491 (DoC, FM)
    • 250,000 Business Platinum
    • 180,000 Business Gold
    • Additional 10,000 for adding employee at time of application and spending $1,000 on the card
  • Targeted Upgrade Business Platinum 140,000 (link to check)
  • Online business employee 20,000 for $4,000 up to 5

20:25 Amex Reconsideration Calls

  • Amex has rather lax approval standards compared to other banks
  • There are many ways to get denied temporarily – for exceeding some limit on the total number of Amex cards you have, how recently you’ve been approved for the same card
  • When this happens you have some time (usually around 90 days) to call Amex and ask them for clarity on why you weren’t approved, and to ask them to reconsider the application if the disqualifying disposition has been resolved
  • This can be a very effective technique if a limited time opportunity presents itself, and you’re not eligible to be approved until some time has passed
  • Check application status online
  • Call them at 1-866-314-0237 (Mon-Fri 6am-8pm MST).
  • Tell them your application number in the email they send you with their decision (or they can look it up with SSN, sometimes takes a while for them to find it if you’ve applied for a lot of cards over the years)
  • Ask them why you were denied and if the condition has been resolved to have it put through for reconsideration
  • If they agree you’ve resolved the condition you’ll usually get an email with approval within 24 hours

26:40 JetBlue Acquires Spirit

  • Seems like for real this time
  • Feels like this is going to be a mess for years to come
  • TIme to get the BofA Spirit card? (Direct Link)

28:35 Newly Earned Southwest Credits Will No Longer Expire (Direct Link)

32:05 In Memoriam: Rakuten Visa (DoC)

  • No longer accepting applications
  • Closing accounts 9/17/2022
  • Card never made sense: A Visa that provided better MR earning than most Amex cards

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