Milenomics² No Annual Fee Edition Episode 68: Jetblue and Alaska Status Match Discussion

We’re doing things a little different with today’s episode. You’ll notice that at the top of this episode we call out episode 206 (not Episode 68). This conversation took place as the first 20 or so minutes of our subscriber podcast episode 206. Robert and I discussed it after we released that full episode and we’re cutting just this conversation into a mini episode here today.


0:21 Status Match Opportunities

  • JetBlue (Direct Link)
  • Capped at 30,000 applicants with Delta Medallion status
  • Matched status last [only] through end of 2023 *unless* you have Barclays JetBlue card -or- accrue enough pro-rated Tiles to requalify
  • Detailed info on Mosaic nuances are hard to discern from JetBlue (Mosaic info page) and the latest iteration of the program is so new it seems not many people have really kicked the tires on it. So I asked them some questions on Twitter.
  • Companions: Up to 8 people on an itinerary can get free same day changes and complimentary Even More Space seats at check-in (Mosaic Level 2) or booking (Mosaic Level 3). 8 is better than 2 with Delta!
  • Move to Mint upgrade certs: Can only use 2 per itinerary. If you have more than 2 people on the itinerary, nobody gets upgraded, even if you have adequate certs. Processes at check-in if Mint seats are open. Kinda lame if you ask me.
  • Mosaic 3 includes…wait for it..Founders Card Blue! I thought the idea with Founders card is that it provides perks for travel programs, but this is the other way around? These programs are starting to circle back on themselves. Get this: If FoundersCard identifies you as a prior member they deny the membership and try to sell you a renewal. What an operation.
  • Move to Mint certs expire earned through this expire Dec 2023.
  • Can’t get Barclays credit card so I’d need 24 Tiles by the end of 2023 to requalify. That’s $2,400 spent on JetBlue flights, vacations, or Paisly (ugh).
  • Alaska (Direct Link)
  • Pretty generous mapping and all you have to do to keep status through 2024 is have a BofA Alaska Visa
  • Far out upgrades, certs, reciprocal benefits with AA/OneWorld – I’m interested.
  • “A member may only receive one status match for the lifetime of their account.” Will they enforce this? Is it time to allow them to create a new Alaska account for me when I apply for a BoA business card? Hmm…

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