Special Episode 37: 1-Star Reviews of 4-Star Hotel

This episode was originally released last July 4th for our Patreon members. We’re releasing it here for all readers and listeners of the Podcast. Maybe you’ll find it a nice 38 minute distraction from everything going on right now.¬†

Original Show notes are as follows:

Today we’re taking a break from the regular show format to have a little fun. Both of us have a bit of a guilty pleasure: reading 1 star TripAdvisor reviews of hotels. Robert came up with the idea for today’s show, where we read an anonymous 1 star review of a hotel, and each try to guess the hotel.
Along the way we got into a bit of a serious discussion about what should it take to make a 1-star review, and what causes higher end hotels to earn 1-star reviews.
Play along by pausing the show and trying to figure out the hotel, and share your worst hotel experiences in the comments of this post!

Posts referenced in this episode:
Robert’s Review of the 4-Seasons Nevis
Sam’s [Old] Review of the Grand Hyatt Kauai

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