Patreon Subscriptions Triggering Amex Shop Small Promo

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Amex is back with a new iteration of their popular Shop Small promo for 2020:

  • Register by 7/26/2020
  • Spend $10+ by 9/20/2020
  • Get $5 back
  • Repeat up to 10x

When trying to find businesses that qualify for Amex’s Shop Small promo, I typically navigate Amex’s map of qualifying businesses near me.

But a few of our Patreon subscribers mentioned on Slack that their subscriptions triggered the Amex Shop Small credit this month.

We were hoping that Patreon transactions might trigger the streaming credit as part of Amex’s “Master Value Injection” (Ep 75) on their Platinum cards. Alas, that didn’t pan out.

But it’s nice to see Patreon triggering this Shop Small promo. Especially since Patreon really is a small business -and- we ourselves are small content creators.

Don’t forget, you can add this promo to Amex cards issued by other banks like Wells Fargo and FNBO through this link to expand the capacity of this offer.

So, if you’ve been thinking of giving a subscription to the Milenomics Podcast Network a try this could be a good time. A subscription includes:

  • Milenomics² Podcast with Sam Simon and Robert Dwyer
  • Milenomics Second Podcast hosted by Garth Grawburg
  • The Manifesto with Gideon The Free-quent Flyer
  • Access to a thriving Slack community, the ability to attend meetups, and more

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