Amex Referral THREE FOR ALL: 3 Additional Points for 3 Months

Q3 is off to a great start with this new referral offer from Amex. When you refer a friend you’ll get 3 additional points on the card you referred from for 3 months.

To see which of your cards are eligible for this promotion, visit this link and log in:

I’m seeing this offer on most Personal Amex cards that earn Membership Rewards, Delta miles, and Hilton points. Business cards are excluded. But YMMV on which cards the offer appears on.

Offer ends 10/28/2020.

3x Bonus Points for 3 Months for Referrals

These bonus points are on top of category bonuses. So for example the Personal Gold card would earn 4x on groceries + 3 bonus points for a total of 7x. That’s pretty amazing.

The T&Cs don’t indicate a cap on spend for this promotion, but readers will recall how Amex has clawed back points on recent theoretically uncapped promotions for high volume manufactured spend.

For more info on Amex’s industry leading referral program see this post.

How to Play It

There are some terrific referral offers at the moment, both on the referring side and on the welcome bonuses as well. I’m seeing 25k for referral on the Personal Gold card. 60k welcome bonuses on the Personal and Business Gold card. And 95k on the Business Platinum.

Remember, with Amex the referral bonus is based on the card you refer from – not the card your friend signs up for. And your friend can choose from a wide variety of Amex cards from your referral link. They don’t necessarily need to get the welcome bonus in order for you to get the referral credit: They just need to be approved for the card.

The question for a lot of us becomes which cards to get, especially with Amex limiting credit cards to 4 and charge cards to 10 for most people.

We’ll look forward to discussing this on an upcoming episode of the podcast for sure.

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