Citi Holiday Promotion: 5% back on up to $500 of online purchases [capped at $25 per credit card]

Direct Link to check whether you’re targeted, and full T&Cs.

To show our appreciation for our customers, we’re giving 5% back on up to $500 of online purchases1 as a statement credit for eligible enrolled Citi® credit cards. Start earning from enrollment or 11/24/2020, whichever is later, through Cyber Monday, 11/30/2020.

Promo runs the Tuesday before Thanksgiving through the Monday after.

This promo seems to be available for every active Citi credit card I have, but it does require activation.

Citi’s definition of “online” is typically broader than, say, what they consider to be online spend for the AT&T Access More card. We’ll see how long it takes them to post it. T&Cs say 1-2 billing cycles.

If you’ve got a ~10 active Citi credit cards under your control this could be a $250 win. And it would stack with cards like the Citi Dividend’s 5% quarterly bonus. A little tedious but it could influence the cards you have with you on the holiday weekend.

We talk a lot on the show about “how we’re going to make $300 today.” Here’s one way. We’ll see what we can do to stack it further…

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– Written by Robert Dwyer, contributor at Milenomics. Connect with me on Twitter @RobertDwyer


  1. Are you sure that it is $500 of purchases on each card? I had it show up on 2 of my Citi cards (not all 4) but when I activated it on one, the second targeted card showed it was already activated (timestamp of activation was my previous activation). So if there is a common activation, could there also be a common total limit of $500? Their terms language is also a bit ambiguous: “up to $500 of online purchases1 as a statement credit for eligible enrolled Citi® credit cards” (doesn’t say “for each eligible enrolled card”)

  2. Thanks for the heads up, just enrolled. There is a plethora of bonus point opportunities available, hard to keep track of the best deals.

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