Triple Dip and Get Paid to Buy Lots of Miles at Safeway Stores! (5/21-6/3)

Update (5/29): It seems as though there are all kinds of promotions going on across the country, and most cash back discounts are not ringing up correctly at the registers. Make sure you push for the deal you’ve seen offered. As an added bonus numerous readers are finding fuel points for Variable Load MC’s bought with groceries! We’ve covered […]

Balance Miles and Cash Back in the Face of Devaluations

Today’s “no-knock” American Airlines/US Airways surprise devaluations have the mile-verse spinning.  Once mighty and customer-centric AA has shown its new stripes, and we’re all at a disAAdvantage because of them. Devaluations are a part of the game we play, just as inflation is a concern with cash.  Today’s post will be equal parts editorial and […]

Adding American Express Offers to Authorized User Accounts

We’ve talked a little bit about American express here on Milenomics before.  We’ve called Membership rewards, Shadow Currency, Orphan Saviors and Risky Business.  American Express is well known for their customer service, and that extends into the deals they offer cardholders, sometimes referred to as “American Express Offers” or sometimes they are called Sync Deals. […]