Safeway Gift Card Promotion Debriefing

Here at Milenomics we don’t stop discussing a deal just because it has ended.  In fact we can learn more about the deal after it ends than while it is going on usually.  People are less likely to mention their tips and tricks publicly during a deal for fear of ruining it.  After the deal is over we […]

Capital One Wins Again (For Car Rentals)

I complain frequently about Capital One.  I’ve rarely used my Capital One Venture Card since downgrading it to a fee free VentureOne Card.  Not only are Capital One “Miles” not really miles, but they’re a closed system card.  You have a cashback card masquerading as a miles earning card, holding your points hostage until you use […]

Top 5 Benefits (and Drawbacks) of Miles for Couples

The past few days we’ve talked a little about Miles earning when you’re married, or in a committed relationship.  We specifically mentioned that you’ll want to use the strengths of 2 person’s credit to spread out risk.  We also talked about creating a system of accounts, and a financial Firewall to protect you from any […]