Bearish or Bullish? The Answer Will Define What Cards you Apply For

We’re continuing to do research into what cards to apply for our Winter Credit card Calendar applications. A few days ago in the post on Market Timing I wrote that I’m feeling rather bearish right now about US and AA miles.  Because of this I’m in a holding pattern for the US Airways Buy Miles Promo.  In […]

Beware of Diminishing Returns when Applying for Credit Cards

Note: This is not a post for those with excellent credit. With excellent credit your declines are usually because you have too many cards with an issuier, or too much total credit.  We can get around that with tricks like reconsideration calls.  Yesterday I wrote about how Monetizing your good credit through sign up bonuses.  Today […]

A more in-depth look at Chase UR

Earlier today I posted about the Chase Freedom vs. Chase Sapphire Preferred.  In that post I outline the best parts of the CSP–notably the 40,000 bonus UR points.  I’ve mentioned before that the best time of year to apply for the card is March, and we’ll include it in our March CCC applications.  Applying for […]