A Tale of Two Purchases, a Milenomics Fairy Tale

We’ve talked about retraining your brain before in Milenomics.  In a way this is the first in a post exploring the Philosophy of Milenomics. My philosophy, with respect to just about everything, is to try to see things from someone else’s point of view. When I interact with  someone it is beneficial for you to […]

Chase Gift Cards Debriefing

If you were living under a pretty large boulder for the last 5 months you might have missed that from April until last weekend Chase was selling gift cards with no fee, up to $2600 worth per card, per 30 days. One thing I like to do is after offers have ended look back on […]

Save Money on Car Rentals, with Capital One?

The Capital One Venture card had a brief place in my wallet. In 2011 Capital One offered to “match your miles,” a lame attempt at switching big spenders from their co-branded cards to Capital ones’ 2% cash back card. Capital One calls its cards “miles earning” cards, but they’re really just fixed cash back cards. […]